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In Construction Checks

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In Construction Checks
Discover Our Invaluable Perth Property Inspection Reports
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All Inspections Include:

Don't let Building Your Dream Perth Home Become a Nightmare! Get Regular Progress Inspections as You Build.

Most people who build will recommend for you to get a neutral, and independent third party to help keep your build on track. 

We provide reliable and comprehensive new home building inspection services for each construction stage of the build to ensure construction quality is upheld and maintained.

We guide you through the build of your dream property. We are right there beside you to make sure you are getting what you paid for – a safe & comfortable home. 

  • We can do a one off in construction inspection, especially when you have concerns.
  • We can provide ongoing in construction inspections throughout the build process.

Our Perth metro in-construction checks means:

  • You can keep your builder accountable to a knowledgeable third party so that you get the quality build required.
  • You have a trusted advisor and guide to give you independent advice on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable based on a thorough knowledge of standards.
  • You have a strong advocate that takes the heat off you so you can maintain a conducive working relationship with your builder.
In construction building reports should happen after each main stage of the build to ensure issues are caught before they are covered up or before it become too expensive to undo or repair an issue.
  • We provide building inspections and issue reports within two days outlining issues and defects.
  • We can work with your builders to report concerns promptly.
  • Our top priority is excellent customer service and helping you protect your investment
  • We are available to discuss the findings of the inspection report with you

If you already have concerns about the state of your new home build then contact us today to discuss over the phone. 

We can advise, reassure if appropriate or escalate concerns rapidly.


Nic Del Carlo
Director and Lead Perth Building Inspector

In-Construction Building Inspections in Perth

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
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Organise Your New Build In Construction Reports

1. Schedule a Call With Us

Complete the quote form below and you’ll be able to schedule a time to call us. We’ll discuss your property and organise an appropriate time for your Perth in-construction building inspection.

2. In Person Building Inspection

We’ll perform a thorough and accurate inspection of your new home building at pre-determined progress points. 

In-Construction building reports are customised to the stage of construction your home is at.

We are experienced builders and understand what needs to be done and the standard to which it must be done.

3. Detailed Inspection Reports

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive review of the inspection, making sure you understand the results. We will explain any important findings from the inspection, and will discuss what actions you should take to fix the results.

4. Take Action on Our Recommendations

With the report, you will be able to apply the findings and act on the results, meaning the inspection won’t leave you without any knowledge on how to fix it. 

For in-construction inspection reports, your Perth home builder will be able to use this to rectify issues and we are available to discuss with your builder the issues identified and provide advocacy where needed. 

Perth New Home, In-Construction Building Report Stages:

The following build stages are the most common markers of times to have an independent inspection and review.

  • Contract & variation documentation review
  • Slab down inspection – Inspections of new slabs
  • Plate height inspection – inspection at completion of brickwork / framing
  • Roof cover inspection – inspection of timber roof frame & roof cover
  • Lock-up Inspection – Inspection of joinery, plastering & ceiling installation
  • Tiling & Cabinet inspection – inspection of the first stage of finishing when cabinets installed & ceramic tiling completed
  • Practical Completion Inspection* – pre-handover meeting with your supervisor to inspect the completed home for defects.
  • Maintenance period Inspection*
  • Warranty claim inspection*

*Note: Inspections from Practical completion onward include a re-visit to confirm repairs/corrections have been completed to the required standard.

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