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Know What You Are Buying
Know What You Are Buying
Perth Building Inspectors
Perth Building Inspectors
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All Inspections Include:

Why Should I Choose Perth Building Inspectors?

With decades in the Perth building industry, our team of local expert inspectors conduct thorough pre-purchase building inspections if you are buying, and conduct independent new build inspections if you are building.  

Here is a list of common defects we find on a regular basis during home inspections:

  • Improper roof tie downs
  • Inappropriate water proofing measures
  • Active water entry and leaks
  • Improper fixing methods
  • Crooked / misaligned walls, floors & ceilings
  • Non-compliant pool enclosures 

The money that you spend on getting your home inspected may very well end up saving many times over your initial investment.

  • Get fast turnaround
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Phone follow up and full availability to discuss your report and how to deal with any issues found.

Contact our Perth team of experienced builders for your building inspection today for a quote on Ph: 08 6555 7722.

Nicolas Del Carlo

& Lead Inspector

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
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5 Reasons Why you should get a Pre-Purchase
Inspection from Perth Building Inspectors:

1. Comprehensive Service:

Perth Building Inspectors provides a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection service or new home build inspection service.  From start to finish we’ll guide you through the process of building or purchasing a property.

2. Timely Inspection and Report:

We’ll complete your inspection and send your Perth building inspection report within two days.  Then you can make an informed decision about the property you are considering purchasing.

3. Addressing Concerns:

We work with buyers, builders and agents to address any concerns promptly and ensure that all items of concern are promptly addressed.

We are always available on the phone to discuss your building inspection report and provide practical advice

4. Excellent Customer Service:

You’ll get great service from our team

We encourage you to call and discuss the findings of the inspection report and concerns you have. 

5. Protecting Your Investment:

We are here to help you protect your investment by providing a thorough and detailed inspection of the property you are considering purchasing and follow up advice.

Our Perth Pre-Purchase Inspections Process

Step 1 - Schedule a Call

Complete the enquiry quote form on this page to schedule a time to call you.

On the call we will discuss your property, confirm the quote and organise a time for your building inspection.

Step 2 - Thorough and accurate In Person Building Inspection

Items of concern our expert team will look for include:

  • Pest control such as termites
  • Plumbing and gas services
  • Structural Elements
  • Timber Quality
  • Electrical

Step 3 - Detailed Report

Our building inspection report is a comprehensive review of the inspection.

We ensure that you understand the results and explain any important findings. 

There will be plenty of photos in our building inspection reports alongside are explanations of any concerns. 

After this we discuss what actions are required to fix any issues.

Step 4 - Take Action On Our Recommendations

Our report will enable you to apply the findings and have the knowledge on how to best act on the results. 

We ensure that our inspection report won’t leave you without any knowledge on how to fix an issue.

If you are building a new home, our reports are invaluable to the builder to correct and address concerns. 

If you are buying, you will be well informed of concerns that may be costly in the future, assisting in your negotiations and/or budgeting.

Core Perth Building Inspections Services

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