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Dilapidation Report

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Dilapidation Report
Protect Your Investment and Save Your Property
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All Inspections Include:

Need a comprehensive and reliable building inspection service?

Our expert team make sure you are getting what you paid for – a safe & comfortable home. We are here to protect your investment.

What our inspection process includes:

  • We guide you through the process of building or purchasing a property
  • We ensure that you are getting what you paid for – a safe and comfortable home
  • Australian Home Inspections provides a comprehensive service from start to finish
  • We complete inspections and issue reports within 2 days
  • We work with builders or agents to address any concerns promptly
  • We prioritize excellent customer service and helping you protect your investment
  • We are available to discuss the findings of the inspection report with you and make ourselves available to you at any time if you have concerns or questions

More than just providing inspections. Australian Home Inspections provides a comprehensive service from start to finish. We will complete your inspection & issue your building report within 2 days! We will then discuss the findings or issues with you so that you understand the report.

We pride ourselves on our service. When you engage our building inspection services, we make ourselves available to you at any time should you have concerns or questions, after all, we are here to help you protect your investment!

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
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What's Included

1. Schedule a Call With Us

Complete the quote form below and you’ll be able to schedule a time to call us. We’ll discuss your property and organise an appropriate time for your building inspection.

2. In Person Building Inspection

We’ll perform a thorough and accurate inspection of your building, including structural elements, pest control such as termites and timber quality, electrical, plumbing, and gas services.

3. Detailed Report

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive review of the inspection, making sure you understand the results. We will explain any important findings from the inspection, and will discuss what actions you should take to fix the results.

4. Take Action on Our Recommendations

With the report, you will be able to apply the findings and act on the results, meaning the inspection won’t leave you without any knowledge on how to fix it. 

What Else is Included:

  • Baseline common area strata reports
  • 5 – 10 year maintenance / repair plans& Sinking Fund forecast
  • On-going / periodical Service & Maintenance plans
  • Consultation & assessment of urgent/emergency action items
  • Project Management services

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Get peace of mind and confidence in your greatest asset